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Zoo de Granby
Mission Faune

We’re committed to our mission of taking action to preserve the world's wildlife and are ready to take action to protect our natural heritage.
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The Zoo de Granby strengthens its commitment to protect and preserve biodiversity

In the face of the unprecedented environmental difficulties we are confronted too, the Zoo de Granby chooses to accelerate the movement and broaden its impact on the protection and preservation of species and natural habitats, in Quebec and in the world. 

This commitment to invest and protect our biodiversity is called MISSION FAUNE

By increasing significantly its actions in conservation and in raising awareness in the years to come, the Zoo de Granby is more than ever dedicated in preserving our natural heritage for the future generations.

Why are we taking action

One million plant and animal species, out of the approximately eight million on Earth, are in danger of becoming extinct.

75 %

of terrestrial habitats are altered

Logging, urban sprawl and the conversion of natural sites into farmland all contribute to habitat fragmentation.

87 %

of wetlands’ habitats are lost

Wetlands are essential to the natural equilibrium, especially for climate regulation, and provide refuge for a wide range of biodiversity.

50 %

of the species are declining in Canada

Human activities are responsible for most of the impacts that undermine plant and animal populations found in the country.

Our commitments

By 2030, with the help of its partners, the work of its experts and the support of its community, the Zoo will:
Protect 70 endangered species in Quebec and abroad and contribute to the release of 5,000 individuals into the wild (↑37 species & ↑2700 individuals)
Collaborate on conservation initiatives in over 15 countries through programs and scientific research (↑6)
Invest $11M in protecting wildlife and habitats, here in Quebec and abroad
Partner with 425 private property owners to secure valuable habitats (↑330)
Reach over 1.5 million people to raise awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity (↑0,5M)
Establish 4 partnerships with Quebec universities and collaborating on 12 scientific research projects (↑6)
Count on 90 specialized employees dedicated to conservation and education (↑20 experts)
Increase to 30% the proportion of species at risk in our care (↑6%)
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Looking to the future

By supporting the preservation and educating the next generations, we become the architects of a future where all species can thrive, where there is harmony between humans and nature. You too can be a conservation hero.

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